“Back in my day…”

Welcome to the official site for the Let Kids Be Kids initiative. Let Kids Be Kids is just what it sounds like. This is about the rights of kids to have fun. More importantly, it is about the needs of kids to exercise. Over the past year, there has been a number of instances of schools and other institutions banning certain forms of physical activity. Handstands, cartwheels and even ball games have been banned in certain places. These decisions are based only on fear of liability and as a result, children are missing out on one of the most important aspects of their development, physical exercise. This is important not only for proper growth and strengthening of muscles, but for social and psychological development as well.

So we want to hear your stories. What do you remember about your childhood games? Were you the king of the handball court? Could you handstand for over a minute? What sort of physical activity did you engage in as a kid and how has it helped you today? Alternatively, maybe you weren’t the most active kid. Physical activity, while essential for health and wellbeing, is not easily picked up by everyone. If you didn’t play any sport or many games as a kid, what effect has that had on you today?

Thanks for coming aboard and we hope you find our cause interesting, informative and inspiring. Physical activity is important for growth, banning it is a step in the wrong direction.


3 thoughts on ““Back in my day…”

  1. Awesome campaign. My childhood was all about running out the front door as soon as I got home from school. I’d be changed out of my uniform and into my normal clothes in minutes. I would be up the street meeting about ten to fifteen other kids everyday at the roundabout – the meeting spot in our area. Over the years from when I was seven to fifteen, we would ride bikes around the streets, make treehouses, explore through the fields by our houses, play street hockey, ride skateboards, build ramps, play wrestle with one another.. we were really just kids. No one really had time for video games or what the internet offered. I remember going to certain peoples houses and they would spend hours playing SIMS while I sat there dying of boredom, but we were all so active and keen to be outside as much as possible. It really is so unfortunate this has changed. I never see kids out on the streets anymore, whereas when I was younger, we ran the streets. I would probably find it extremely irritating to now have to dodge kids all over the road if it was the same, but I often think about the contrast to when I was in primary schooll – only fifteen years ago. It’s sad kids are now so addicted to video games, and find no interest in exploring the outdoors. I agree that the safety concerns and constraints also affect this.. hopefully it can change, but I can only see it getting worse.

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