The State of Play

Where does Let Kids Be Kids go from here? Well I am hoping to expand the campaign further and make a push to really stop Australia from becoming a nanny state and following the examples of the United Kingdom and the US. Already we have seen this happening in the banning of handstands and ball […]

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Sometimes, we feel so disturbed with our kid’s scream when they play near us. Don’t be angry or ask them to be quiet and sit beside us for hours. Naturally, they have different needs and we can not force them to follow our behavior. People said “Children are about Playing”.…

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Birdy learning to swim Well the Olympics are here – what better opportunity to get your kids interested in sport. The great thing about the Olympics is that it only comes around every four years so the kids never get sick of it!  Even if your child is…

The Other Side of the Promotional Coin

While Let Kids Be Kids is mostly about curbing the restrictions placed on children’s games and activities in institutions like schools, there can also be another way of achieving my fairly specific goal. Promotion of other activities outside of preschool, day care or school can help assure the policy-makers that activity of a physical nature […]

This Post Needs More ‘Heading’

In an article I found recently, a Connecticut (USA) soccer club was reported to have banned ‘heading’ the ball for children under the age of ten. For those unaware, heading basically involves using the head as one would their foot. That is, scoring goals, clearing the ball from defence and passing to other players using […]