Oh dear…What will they think of next?

A school in the UK has banned parents from attending school sporting events without a Criminal Records Bureau check.

I’m sorry, say that again?

If this is where society is heading, then stop the world, I want to get off. The Swindon school says “with regret” that they can no longer accommodate parents at junior sporting fixtures for fear of pedophiles springing up and blending in. How utterly ridiculous. Like any other rational human being, I am fearful of pedophiles gaining access to schools and other children-focused institutions, but there are clear safeguards in place. I never did and I never will let this fear grip me on a daily basis and banning all parents from spectating school sport is one step closer to complete madness. This is the nanny-state personified.

School sport brings a certain level of pride that club sport cannot replicate. All parents love seeing their child succeed in all areas of school life and sport is just another one of these extra-curricular activities.

Did your parent/s watch your school sport? A UK school has banned parents from attending school sports events for fear of encouraging pedophiles

My own personal experience adds to my incredulity about this decision to ban parents. I played sport all the way through school and though the carnivals were never really my thing, I did play cricket, rugby and soccer at school level. Nothing made me happier than when Dad was there watching me and in fact one of my favourite school memories was a rugby game with my Dad watching from the sidelines, along with about ten other parents. It’s difficult for parents to get along to school sport with work commitments so if they are able to support their children, how can one possibly consider taking that away from them. It is ridiculous to demand a criminal record check upon arrival.

Once again, like all knee-jerk reactions, this begs for common sense. How many pedophiles have been arrested at high school rugby games? If there’s a stranger present at a game and nobody there can identify him/her, then ask for identification. If this is unsatisfactory, kindly ask said pedophile to leave and take it further if need be. But banning parents from watching their kids run the 200m or swim the medley relay is absolutely ludicrous. If this ever happens in Australia, all measures will have to be taken to have it reversed.


Read the article from the Telegraph here


One thought on “Oh dear…What will they think of next?

  1. I actually met a convicted paedophile once. Funnily enough, they’re actually highly publicized and his name rang a bell. Unfortunately, sometimes creating awareness for dangerous people aren’t enough, and people think measures like this are necessary to protect their kids. I completely agree with the idea of asking unknown spectators for identification, but I suppose those who instated these guidelines are not confident in the general public’s ability to identify and remove threats. Perhaps an easily accessible list (although there is already a register of convicted paedophiles) isn’t sufficient: what about those that haven’t been convicted? In the end I guess it’s about educating your kids about stranger danger.

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