Great idea to get kids active in a multi dimensional way! A Backyard Olympics! Try it for Rio in 2016, or even for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014. Let the kids watch the Games on telly, then send them outside to emulate their heroes!

From Mouths of Babes

Well the Olympics are here – what better opportunity to get your kids interested in sport.

The great thing about the Olympics is that it only comes around every four years so the kids never get sick of it! 

Even if your child is ten or twelve they’ve probably only seen two other Olympics.  And if you have little kids like me, then it’s all totally brand new.

So why not go the whole hog, get into the spirit and have your own little backyard Olympics at home?  Or give your kids a chance to try a sport they’ve never attempted before.  Take the kids iceskating.  Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.  Do some rhythm gymnastics on the trampoline.  The Olympics is a great opportunity to get active.

The irony is that it’s all too easy to spend the entire ten days in front of the television, rather…

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