The State of Play

Where does Let Kids Be Kids go from here?

Well I am hoping to expand the campaign further and make a push to really stop Australia from becoming a nanny state and following the examples of the United Kingdom and the US. Already we have seen this happening in the banning of handstands and ball games from different Australian schools. We have looked at the consequences of kids simply being kids and sometimes (as in the US ten years ago and to this day) this can mean suspension for children who are just playing. This cannot be what Australia becomes. We have to ensure we are raising children as healthy individuals with full physical and social development and the only way you can have a healthy combination of the two is to promote play and exercise from an early age.

So Let Kids Be Kids will be growing in the next few months. It will expand as a campaign and develop to include influencers and policy makers in the discussion. Also, I want to hear your thoughts! Where do you see Australia heading? What kind of change do you want to make to the way Australian kids play and grow? Speak up and let me hear what you think about this important issue. It may be your voice that is heard the clearest!

Until then, remember it’s ok to play!


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